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Best Time to Visit Machu Picchu

The Machu Picchu sanctuary is one of the eight wonders of the world and South America’s most famous archaeological site. Located in the Andes mountains…

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Visiting Machu Picchu

When planning a trip to Peru’s most archeological site of Machu Picchu you must consider several items: International flights to Lima, domestic flights within Peru,…

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Machu Picchu Facts

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. These Incan ruins are South America’s…

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Booking a Machu Picchu Tour

We are excited about the possibility of you considering booking a Machu Picchu tour.  In order to proceed we will need (mailed, emailed/scanned, or faxed)…

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Getting to Machu Picchu

Getting to Machu Picchu can be done by train or hiking the Inca Trail.  Below you will find a step-by-step recommendation to plan your adventure…

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Best Month to Visit Machu Picchu

The best month to visit Machu Picchu is probably June. July and August are also great timing to visit Machu Picchu.  What makes the period…

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Machu Picchu History

Learn about the great Manko Inka and the discovery of Machu Picchu in 1911.  If you are interested in visiting the famous citadel, don’t hesitate…

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Compare Machu Picchu Tours

The table below will allow you to compare Machu Picchu tours. Our goal in creating each itinerary is to maximize your exposure within your allowed…

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Huayna Picchu Hiking Guide

Huayna Picchu mountain, also known as Wayna Picchu in Quechua, lies at the eastern end of the Salkantay mountain near Cusco, Peru. The famous peak…

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