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Machu Picchu Tourism Revisited

Machu Picchu Tourism Revisited

With over 1.3 Million visitors per year, Machu Picchu is under tremendous environmental pressure to maintain its splendors for generations to come. UNESCO has listed Machu Picchu among sites at risk due to extreme tourism. Their recommendation is to limit the numbers of visitors to 912,500 per year.

To protect the sanctuary, the government of Peru approved $14.6 million to be used for infrastructure and planning purpose. Some of the upcoming changes include time limits at specific points, morning and afternoon shifts, certified guides requirement to enter the site. The Ministry of Culture, led by Dr. Elias Carreño Peralta, will also build a visitor center at the town of Machu Picchu. “Unlike petroleum and gold, which can be depleted, Machu Picchu should remain forever”, the official outlined.

The restructuring plan intends to restore and integrate long-overlooked Inca trail, terraces and ceremonial ruins, delivering to visitors a unique and authentic Inca experience..

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