There are many ways to arrive to Machu Picchu. One of the most popular ones is by hiking the Inca Trail. Over the years, the Peruvian government has implemented several steps to protect the delicate trail used by 100s each day.

Today, the trek is limited to about 250 tourists per day plus their supporting team of porters and guides.   Passes sell out about 8 months in advance and are available for purchase starting the second Monday of  January.

Hikers can choose (buy passes) for a 4 days or 1 day trek. Our comparison inca trail tours table will give you a great idea of what the options are to hike the trail.  Visit our Inca Trail Tours section to see the most popular itineraries available.

What is the difference

The shorter trek pass allows people to walk for 8 miles before arriving to Machu Picchu in the same day. The longer hike involves hiking for 4 days a distance of about 26 miles – split on an average of 7 miles per day. The cost of the pass is the same for the long or shorter hike, which makes the shorter hike more of a premium upgrade if taking the train to Machu Picchu.


  • If you want to experience the real Inca Trail and you feel fit to walk 26 miles at an average of 10,000 altitude, then the 4 day hike will be an amazing experience.
  • If you prefer a quick taste of the trail and arrive to Machu Picchu through the Sun Gate, the one day option will work perfectly.  Visit our Machu Tours by Train selection.  You can add the short inca trail option to any itinerary.

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